Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Mystic Symbol - the Interpretation on a Clay Disc - Michigan Slates

The artist has revealed to us the identity of the mystic symbol on this disc. Below is the mystic symbol of their god and spirit, above is the interpretation written in the slates alphabet. This symbol is used by the Burrows cave craftsmen as well. Prominent at Burrows is the rooster stone and its inscription which is very Gnostic. Many of the Burrows pieces are mysterious and Gnostic in nature. What`s god`s name is spelled with three letters? This is not the four letter Hebrew God, but it is close in sound. Who knows the rooster of the Gnostics? It is he - IAO or IAW. Now we can read three of the slates alphabet letters! IAO figures in the PISTIS SOPHIA, "as is written in the Book of IAO..." IAO from the Pistis Sophia -3nd or 4th century Gnostic text. "The name IAO was used in Gnostic rituals (Irenaeus, Against Heresies 1.21.3) and in Pistis Sophia, the resurrected Jesus leads the disciples in a ritual based on ..." There are chants based on the invocation of IAO. IAO is also known as ABRASAX - intaglio ring. IAW. One of the Gnostic roosters from Burrows cave. The other one has lots of Greek letters on it and was the first artifact to be interpreted at Burrows. Such a great rooster, a new venue in Tucson, AZ.

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