Thursday, October 20, 2016

More Michigan Slates - Astrology?

This group must have begun in Egypt. This circle is more than a calendar, do these angles refer to astrology? This is the base of the above illustration. The figure on the right appears to be from a different nation. The priest in the temple, his long sleeves identify him as being an Asian priest, is he a Manichaean Gnostic from Turfan? The Manichaeans were popular in Egypt as well, but then were persecuted by the Byzantines. The script they use is a combination of Egyptian heiroglyphics and Asian characters (Uyghur?). Some of these glyphs seem similar to Tibetan writing. The Chinese (Mongolian?) soldiers from the "Revelation of the Book" slate. It seems that the book was revealed in Asia - Mani wrote several books and was often in trouble with the local authorities.

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