Friday, September 30, 2016

The Kabah Figures

Kabah - these figures face the rising sun.

The Olmec Coquette of Ek Balam

Some researchers refer to her as a young man but I don`t think so. "Ek Balam" means "Black Jaguar" and is located in the Yucatan. Ek Balam - Woman seated in the eye of the Monster of the Mountain.

Modern Aztec Warriors

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Round Calendars

The chariot of the sun and the signs of the zodiac - Jewish mosaic. The moon surrounded by the zodiac. Surrounding the inner circle are the months of the year, there are dots representing the number of the month - 13 months. Davenport slate, note the arch and the sun with the moon motif as on the Kinderhook plates. At the top of the plates is the arch of the time of day and night with the sun. Egyptian - "Archaeologists have discovered in the area of Saqqara a circular "altar-top" of alabaster whose shape suggests that it was intended to serve as a sacred lamp to be lighted over a seven-day period." The round Mayan calendar.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Izapa Ballgame and Sedan Chair

Izapa high stakes ball court game observed by a ruler in a sedan chair. Not a Mayan face, from the Yucatan. Chichen-Itza in the Yucatan - Mayan costumes but not the Mayan facial type. The Nephites settled the East Wilderness. Here we see the unfortunate loser of the ballgame. Mayan sedan chair from a ceramic vase. "Chieftan in a litter." Mayan ballgame on a ceramic vase. Mayan ballplayer, note his one knee pad. Heavily padded player setting up a shot. The game is still played in modern times (without the sacrifice at the end).

Monday, September 26, 2016

Navajo Sand Painting and Native Artists

Navajo sand painting art. Navajo sand art. Navajo sand painting of the night sky. Woody Crumbo from the Bacone School in Oklahoma. Navajo art Adee Dodge Spirit of the monster slayer. Rance Hood. Apache Gaan dancer by Rance Hood. Comanche Antelope Warrior. Tibetan style - all religions sand painting. Tibetan monks doing a sand painting.

The Hopi of Arizona

A Hopi girl dancer. Mural inside the Grand Canyon tower by Hopi artist Fred Kaboti using the round format (like a Navajo sand painting). Michigan mound builders relics - the round format on a Michigan slate which also tells a story. The warriors have witnessed a comet, the circle is the calendar. A New Mexico pueblo girl dancer.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mayan Ballplayers

Dos Pilas. The King of Dos Pilas as a ballplayer, note his one knee pad for kneeling. The monument with tracing paper drawing. The king of Dos Pilas as a dancer and a ballplayer. A very well-padded ballplayer from the land of the rubber trees. A modern day Mayan. Mayan ballplayers. A Mayan ballplayer costumed as the diety of chocolate - note the cacao pods. Jaina Island - Mayan woman.