Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Michigan Slates - the "Chinese Soldiers" (Mongolians?)

This is the "Revelation of the book from heaven" slate with armies (click to enlarge). The bottom scenes feature the Asian military, the leader on the left is fighting with a sword. Henrietta Mertz points out their slanted eyes and their long sleeves which cover their hands which is typical in Chinese and Mongolian clothing. Compare these soldier characters to the Mongolian standing between the bishop and the Indians, he has the long sleeves as well. Note the bishop, his sleeves are shorter and show his wrists and his hands. The Gnostic Manichaeans were active in the Mongolian desert - Manichaeism lasted in southern China until the 17th century. It was very popular in Egypt and it spread into Europe. The slates use Egyptian heiroglyphics, proto-Semitic characters, and Chinese (Asian) characters. Mani wrote several books. Note the long sleeves. Chinese opera. "Chinese water sleeves costumes Dunhuang flying classical dance clothing - long sleeves fan poetry fairy costume stage performance (China - Mainland)." "The Emperor of the Qing Dynasty in ancient costume."

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