Monday, October 24, 2016

Dualistic Illustrated Book of the Manichaean Cathars

"The Manichaean texts come from a wide number of sources. Originally many texts in Latin and Greek certainly existed, but during the persecution of the movement in the West most of these were lost (a major exception is the Greek Cologne Mani-Codex, recovered in 1969). What remains to us in large part was recorded in several different and now little-studied ancient languages (including Coptic, Middle Persian, Sogdian, Parthian, Uigur, Bactrian and Chinese). These languages well represent the vast geographical area influenced by the mission of the Prophet Mani." Manichaean. Uyghur Manichaean. Urumqui warrior. Dunhuang manuscript and caves. The story of Adam and Eve was used by both the Zoroastrians and the Manichaeans. Uyghur Manichaean note the writing above the seated figure. Bonpo Tiger.

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