Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sasanian Manichaean Missionaries

Khocho Temple. Khocho - "He (Abiesou) again went in before Queen Thadamor (Tadmor - Zenobia) and she looked favourably on him. Abiesou the teacher (Manichaean) had confidence [in her and settled] there with other brothers. She became a [great protectress] of the church in that place.... The most likely dates, I think, both for Mar Adda's Egyptian mission and Abiesou's meeting with Zenobia, would be 269-272 CE, that is, the years when the queen ruled over Egypt. In what happens next, it isn't clear whether Abiesou acted at the urging of Thadamor/Zenobia or if it was his own idea." Kartir high priest during several reigns - Zoroastrianism - Sasanian Parthia. Sasanian glasswork. Baku fire temple - Zoroaster.

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