Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Kinderhook Plates and the Slates

Note the shape of the slate. The Kinderhook plates. "Joseph Smith said these plates told a story about an ancient Jaredite who was a descendant of Ham." The Kinderhook plates were found on April 23, 1843, in Pike County, Illinois, on the ... Parley P. Pratt would have known nothing of the lineage of the Jaredites, ... Compare to the shape of the slate at the top. This beautiful small copper portrait was found in the Michigan slates area. He looks like a large warrior and has a Hamitic appearance. The sign for "Son of the Right Hand", a recurring theme of the Michigan slates. On the carved slate at the top the Son of the Right Hand and the Son of the Left Hand face one another. Here is Alexander Helios on the cover of an LDS book about the Nephites. This is a wonderful close-up of his fine marble portrait.

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