Monday, August 29, 2016

Cave Relics, Slates, and Native Americans

Burrows Cave exterior. The Baetis stone - "Translated as: Juba's map of rivers by Helios. Inscribed on this stone is the Baetis River upon which the powerful Punic branch of the Phoenicians from Gades navigated and vanished after they were crushed by the Romans." Portrait of King Juba. The Balina tablet from Burrows cave, note the sun at the top referring to the kingdom of Alexander Helios (the sun). A Michigan slate, note the alphabet. Michigan slates the first relic is a crown. A Michigan slate with Native Americans. A Saginaw Chippewa dancer - Michigan. A Chippewa girl dancer - Michigan. Rosebud Sioux dancer - Dakotahs. Legends of the giant native mound builders.

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