Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Padre Crespi Bronzes

This one is called "The Heirophant", it is a woman in a dress on a throne. The Michigan mound builders` slates Gnostic theme of "The Son of the Right Hand" and "The Son of the Left Hand" seems to be continued in this bronze plaque in a very obvious way. The artist of these lost-wax pieces is an excellent costumer. Goliath looks so comfortable in his fringed pants and short sleeved shirt, the artist seems to be well aquainted with the historical clothing that he portrays. The headdress is Philistine in design, Goliath was affiliated with the Philistines. The face is masterfully rendered. David and Goliath. Philistine feathered headdress. The graceful youth in Egypt. (Click to enlarge all of these). From a library book "Atlantis on the Amazon", the headdress and robe are perfectly historical. The elaborately costumed pharaoh, note the serpent flying in the background which also appears behind Goliath - this serpent is a recurring theme. The serpent on pre-Inca stonework in Peru. Cuzco - megalithic wall with snake. Hawkaypata snakes on the stone wall. Hawkaypata carved snakes on stone blocks.

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