Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gnostic Theology on the Michigan Slates?

A Gnostic seal. The Gnostic books. The Hypostasis of the Archons: The Coptic Text with Translation and ... "Within Gnosticism, the doctrine of the good angels of the right and the evil angels of the left was popular"... The Envy of Ialdabaoth Ialdabaoth, who was ... A Gnostic text about Sophia - "A" is for "Achamoth" - Naga Hammadi discovered in 1945. Nag Hammadi Gnosticism a text reading "Apocryphon" in Greek. The Nag Hammadi Codices. The phrase "Jesus, who is called Aberamentho" in the original Coptic from the Pistis Sophia found in 1773. The location of Nag Hammadi in relation to Alexandria. The Pistis Sophia with Abrasax on the cover. Gnostic Abrasax seal. Gnosis - Greek. Michigan slate - the flood story. A Michigan slate depicting the Son of the Right Hand (Sabaoth) and the Son of the Left Hand warring as in Gnostic doctrine. "Pistis Sophia" - "Thereupon he announces, and once more in the form of Gabriel, to Mary, that she is to become the mother of the Soter, and brings down to her a psyche and a soma. The former is a vis luminis, from the great Sabaoth, in the place of the right; the latter is a robe of light from the Barbelo in the 13th Aeon..." Text from Pistis Sophia with Sabaoth in the place of the right.

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