Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Copper Spear Points in a Stone Box - Michigan

Ohio mound builders artifacts - Hopewell. Mound builder calendar stone - Arkansas. The Michigan mound builders slate box. Michigan copper artifacts, the above box contained three copper spear points. Michigan slate amulet, the bird black on white. "Float copper was ground into chunks by glacial action and deposited in varying distances from its place of origin. Hundreds of hammers both grooved and ungrooved have been recovered from quarry pits in the Great Lakes areas." Copper knives and fish hooks - Etowah mound builders. Copper axe - Etowah mound. Copper sheet spear point - Rose mound. Birdman tablet and points from Cahokia. Mound builders copper artifact - Spiro. Spiro. Spiro gorgets.

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