Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Illinois Area - Cahokia

Monks Mound in winter. Shell gorget, a Cahokia ball player, like the Mayan game. Cahokia points. Cahokia bird man. Cahokia points. Michigan slate relics. Slate bird amulet - Burrows Cave. Copper head with measurement, the Michigan mound builders. Michigan slate with bird. There was a bird associated with the Tower of Babel which is a story related on the Michigan slates. Here is the Michigan slate with the bird calling to the people and some of the people bowing down to it. Another of the Michigan slates, note the bird descending at the top right and the figures bowing down to it. If the bird were a rooster, the people might be Gnostics. The language of the population before the Tower of Babel confusion of the languages was called "the language of the birds". An artifact from the Crespi collection, a man with a bird`s head - similar to the above. Is that a Tower of Babel headdress?

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