Friday, September 2, 2016

The Jaredites and the Michigan Slates

The Book of Mormon gold plates out in the New York woods where they were found. A portion of the plates were sealed, some of the Jaredite plates were sealed. One of the seer stones of Joseph Smith used to translate the gold plates. Moroni translated the Jaredite plates adding them to the Book of Mormon plates and then buries them on Hill Cumorah in New York. Ammon before King Lamoni, a scene from The Book of Mormon. One of the slate tablets from the Michigan mound builders, who can translate them? A character from the Michigan mounds in copper, he is wearing a pheasant helmet as on the slates. Michigan tablets. The Phaistos disc from Crete also untranslated. There may be a connection to the ancient copper trade between the Great Lakes, Crete, and Egypt. Phaistos disc stamped clay. Michigan mounds stamped clay - Mertz collection. Copper ingot - ancient. Keftiu, red men, from Crete with copper ingots Egyptian mural. Keftiu with copper ingot.

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