Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Elephant Stones of Ecuador and Illinois

The Padre Crespi collection Elephant tablet. From the Crespi collection, the pyramid with two big cats and proto-Semitic writing and the Elephant tablet found during the construction of the Cuenca airport. Cuenca Airport Country: Ecuador IATA code: CUE ICAO code: SECU Elevation: 8306 feet / 2532 m Opened: 1941 Notams: Notams for SECU Airport history: Cuenca Airport Cuenca-Mariscal Lamar International Airport More stones from the Crespi collection. The sun and elephant symbols are familiar to Burrows Cave researchers. Big cats from Ecuador, jaguars from the jungle. We have jaguars here in S. Arizona. There are dots within the rings of dots on their coats, in this way they differ from African leopards. Pampas cat (Leopardus pajeros) from Ecuador, not from the jungle, from the plains. The jungle of Ecuador, an ocelot. The Padre Crespi collection gold folded book. The Crespi ruler, it looks as if his staff is talking to him. The Burrows Cave elephant stones from Illinois, found in 1982. Burrows Cave elephant stone 1982. Illinois archive gold elephant coins from Burrows Cave, note the sun symbol also as seen on the Cuenca airport stones. The Gnostic rooster from Burrows Cave. The Lehi Tree of Life stone from Izapa. Chiapas, Mexico.

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