Saturday, September 3, 2016

Algonquins and Mound Builders

These are Native Americans performing Egyptian ceremonies. (Click to enlarge). This is a larger version. It was the Algonquins who took out the ancient giant mound builders. "The eyes of that species of extinct Giant, whose bones fill the Mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1848 Pow-Wow Lady dancer - Algonquin. The South Kentuckian, (Hopkinsville, Ky.) August 21, 1888. The account reads, “A scientist found in an Indian mound, near Frankfort, Ohio, Friday, two gigantic skeletons clad in a curious armor, apparently of bronze. It covered the chest, stomach and legs, and a narrow band was around its forehead. Various devices were rudely worked on the armor. There were no shields and only two small knives. Archaeologists are puzzled at the discovery.” I am puzzled by how many accounts of giant skeletons covered in copper came from the burial mounds of Ancient America. While this was not actual armor the way we think of a medieval warrior wearing it, it is nevertheless quite interesting. Mica sheets in large amounts were also found in burial sites which makes some researchers make a Meso-American connection to the Mound Builders."

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