Thursday, July 28, 2016

La Dama de Elche and a find in Utah

This Egyptian profile was found in Utah during an excavation of a foundation 6 feet down. The inscription defines her as the Assyrian queen Semiramis. Note the glyphs, compare to Burrows cave. Medallion made from a photo of the Utah find. The Lady of Elche. La Dama de Elche in Spain - Phoenician. "La Dama de Baza. Arte Ibero." The cuneiform tablet of Chief Joseph - cuneiform in America. This stone was also found in Utah, compare to the Burrows Cave YHWH glyph. "Pre-Columbian incised stone found during construction of airport at Cuenca, Ecuador, showing elephants and symbols which may be writing. Crespi Collection." The pyramid shaped elephant stone from the Crespi collection also found during construction of the Cuenca airport. The Lady of Elche in Spain - Phoenician. Gilded medallion - Paris. Michigan Mounds tablet. Diorite maze from the Crespi collection. From Burrows Cave.