Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heracleion Gold

Gold jewelry recovered from the Heracleion dives. Square knot design, Heracleion. "2,300 years ago the Egyptian city of Heracleion was a busy port on the Mediterranean. At the mouth of the Nile, it would have seen all the traffic in and out of Egypt. The legendary Paris and Helen of Troy were believed to have taken refuge there. Legends were all that was left to history until recently, because around 1,200 years ago the city sank to the bottom of the sea. It wasn’t rediscovered until the year 2000, by an archaeological expedition searching for Napoleonic shipwrecks. The ruins and artifacts featured the many ships and anchors, and the remains of a massive temple with stone sculptures. There is no certainty about how this city ended up 150 feet below water. Here it is depicted as a rapid event, such as an earthquake leading to a dislodged shelf." Before this, Heracleion was only legendary. Bronze statue. This statue is very tall. Heracleion.

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