Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Egyptian Stars and the Blue lotus

"Akhmim is among the weirdest sites from Ancient Egypt. You drive along crowded and dusty roads in the large town of Akhmim, then suddenly, in a large hole in the ground, you see the head of a grand female statue. It is in size quite similar to those of Ramses 2, but this one is of a woman. Unique in all of Egypt.The Statue is 11 meters high, and it for MeritAmun "Meret Amun" was a daughter and later Great Royal ..." "The Egyptian city known as Canopus seems also have been a goddess temple, as the Greek historian Strabo (63BCE-21CE) considered the place to be notorious ..." Canopus - Alpha Carinae - alpha Car - Canopus the Egyptian star.

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