Monday, November 28, 2016

The Five Steps of the Manichaean Bema Altar

A Michigan slate with what appears to be a nativity scene on the left, with serpents on the pillars - a rather Gnostic nativity, and a five-stepped altar on the right. This compares the the five stepped Manichaean altar called the "Bema". On the slate there is a small statue at the top, some say that Mani`s book of pictures was on top of the altar. "This symbol is known as the Manichaean Cross of Light and Life. Depicted are the 5 Steps of the Holy Bema, the 8 Arms of the Cross and the circle depicts the presence of Mir Izgadda and His calling for all the sparks of Light to be regathered into the Cross of Life and Life. Mir Izgadda is a man who wrote teachings related to Manichaeism. Some consider him the Messiah of modern times." Manichaeism was the chief rival of Christianity. Mani first traveled to India and his religion is like the guru worshipping cults of india. The members had to travel and preach rather than settle down. A photo of some of the slates for size. A stamped clay Michigan artifact with the glyphs marching off to the right and to the left. The Creation slate - Creation of the Heavens and the Creation of the earth with Adam and Eve. Another serpent wound around a tree. An Egyptian revival notepad for taking notes.

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