Saturday, November 19, 2016

Russian Manichaeans

Manichaeans. As Kvakin notes, authors such as Berdyaev (1992), Lotman and Uspenskii (1985), and Raeff (1966) have traced the roots of Manichaean tendencies in Russian ... James Hastings, ‎John Alexander Selbie, ‎Louis Herbert Gray - 1916 - ‎Religion In the persecution of the Manichaeans Pope Leo I. played a specially ... of the Russian Molokanye has been described as a modified fonn of Manicha-ism. Russian Bible illustrations. The cross of St. Thomas. Mani in China. Manichaeans from Khocho. Dunhuang Manichaean text. Dunhuang. Russian church.

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