Monday, February 6, 2017

Italian Circus Inspiration

"Fellini’s wife, the actress Giulietta Masina, had already taken on small roles in her husband’s first films, La Strada provided her with the role of a lifetime. She plays Gelsomina, a sweet, innocent young woman ... Zampanò (Anthony Quinn). The film won Fellini his first Academy Award and it’s always been a firm favourite with audiences. Bob Dylan cited La Strada as a key influence for his 1965 song ‘Mr Tambourine Man'". Besides being Dylan`s inspiration for "Tambourine Man", La Strada is the new pope`s favorite movie. Fellini was inspired by the Italian circus and saw it as an entrance to another dimension. Italian circus horse carts. Carnival tradition in Venice, Italy. Blue Venitian carnival mask. Circus inspiration. "The torch - the Candlemas celebrates Feb. 2. It has a pagan origin. According to custom, the peasants roamed the fields carrying torches to purify the land before sowing." Limoux, France.

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