Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tower of Babel Slates and the Utah Semiramis

Michigan relics clay tablet depicting the Tower of Babel - the artist has used glyphs as a part of the composition. A recurring theme of the Michigan slates, the Flood of Noah and the Tower of Babel at the bottom. It is said that Nimrod built the Tower of Babel - Semiramis was his queen. The Utah Semiramis is connected in this way to this popular theme. The Utah Semiramis, her name is written in cuneiform around the edge of this portrait. Another reference to the Tower of Nimrod, a winged bull found in Ecuador. It is a part of the Padre Crespi collection. Assyrian inspired pieces from the Crespi collection. Assyrian eagles from the Crespi collection, are they a reference to the Tower of Babel? Gnostic serpents from the Crespi collection. Semiramis. Semiramis. The Mystic Symbol on a stone from Manti cave in Utah, it is similar to the Burrows cave artifacts. Michigan slates amulet, is that the Sidicus bird from the Tower of Babel legend? After the languages were confused at the Tower of Babel, the Sidicus bird was the only one who recalled how to speak! This bird is a very popular subject of the slates.

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