Monday, June 27, 2016

Padre Crespi Collection in Ecuador

Museum Of Father Crespi ( Tayos Cave ) in Ecuador. Crespi collection artifact in gold with an elephant. Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania - tomb of Cleopatra Selene in Algeria. (Compare to the Crespi gold plate with an elephant above - compare this rounded tomb with the brick domed structure on the gold Crespi plate). Compare to the gold plate above, the tomb of Cleopatra Selene daughter of Cleopatra VII and Mark Anthony. The metal library of Padre Cerspi in Ecuador from Tayos cave. The elephant stone from the Crespi collcetion. From the Father Crespi collection. Solid silver Assyrian style winged bull from the Crespi collection in Ecuador. Also of silver in Ecuador. Crespi collection pyramid with felines. Padre Crespi collection Egyptian priest. The tiles beneath the feet of the priest contain the alphabet. Amazon Indian from Ecuador. (Click to enlarge).

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